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February 2018

FCT PhD Scholarships for MAP-i: Candidates passing to the second phase

23 February 2018

The jury of the FCT PhD Scholarships for MAP-i 2017/2018 analysed, on its February 20th meeting, the 24 applications received. The candidates were ranked and the 10 top ranking candidates will be invited to the 2nd phase.

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MAP-i PhD scholarships: Admissions list

02 February 2018

The jury of the MAP-i PhD scholarships 2017/2018 decided to accept all the 24 candidates to the evaluation phase. During February, the jury will rank the candidates and then interview the top candidates in that ranking.

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January 2018

MAP-i 2018/2019 applications

20 January 2018

MAP-i 2018/2019 edition will take place at the University of Aveiro.

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December 2017

ACES Workshop

15 December 2017

The Workshop on Avanced Computing for Earth Sciences (ACES 2017) is organized by UTAustin Portugal CoLAB and by the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Science of the University of Porto. It will take place on 18/20 December 2017 at FCUP.

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Applications to MAP-i PhD scholarships open until December, 15th

08 December 2017

The Scientific Committee of MAP-i is launching a tender for the selection of grantees to award 6 individual grants to support the first year of studies of this doctoral programme in 2017/2018.
The applications period to the MAP-i PhD scholarships is open until December 15th.
Please see the official announcement. (PDF version EN) (PDF version PT)

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