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MAP-I is fully integrated in the initiative CMU-Portugal Doctoral Programs in Computer Science / Informatics, a collaborative framework for the dual degree PhD Programme in Computer Science envisioned in the recent CMU-Portugal Agreement implemented through ICTI - Information and Communication Technologies Institute.

On applying to MAP-I, students must also apply specifically to the Dual Degree Programme, which will follow a specific course plan (with the expected duration of 5 years of full-time work),  co-advised by a 

Admission will depend on the existence of a co-advising arrangement which identifies possible research topics for the thesis.CMU faculty member and a faculty member of one of the MAP-I Universities. The student is expected to spend a first period of three to four semesters at CMU. In this period, the student shall take star courses (as specified by CMU/CSD regulations) and start working on research.


A specific application to CMU/MAP-I Dual Degree Programme, must include

  • All documents required for a regular MAP-I application
  • GRE scores
  • TOEFL results
  • Proof that the candidate has completed a formal undergraduate course at the
    • level of at least 3 year BSc (with prior research experience) or preferably
    • MSc in a scientific or engineering discipline.

MAP-i & UT Austin Joint Research Program

MAP-i is engaged in a Joint Research Program in the field of Advanced Computing within the framework of the UT Austin|Portugal Program (CoLab), promoted by FCT. Within this initiative, funded PhD students will spend at least one year at UTAustin, preferably their second year. The doctoral research will be co-advised by MAP-i and UTexas faculty.


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