Computer Science is the study of information and computation, in both natural and engineered systems. It comprises a vast range of scientific and engineering endeavour and has enormous economic and social impact. Therefore, awarding a PhD degree within the MAP Doctoral Program requires both the development of a scientifically informed professional attitude and the presentation of an original and significant scientific contribution.

The programme is structured to train students as researchers with a well-developed all-round knowledge in Computer Science, in-depth knowledge of a specialist area, as well as research and communication skills.

Starting in 2020/21, the first year of studies is organised as follows

Year 1 (curricular year)

Semester 1

Foundations of Computing (6 credits)

one elective course.

Programming Paradigms (6 credits)

one elective course.

Information Technologies (6 credits)

one elective course.

Seminar (12 credits)

includes visits to MAP Research Centers and Laboratories, invited seminars, and a written assignment on one topic covered in the invited seminars.

Semester 2

Thesis Proposal (30 credits)

which includes the definition of the research problem and its planning written in a proposal to be defended before a jury in September.

Years 2, 3 and 4

After being aproved in the curricular year, including in the thesis proposal, the following years are dedicated to research and thesis preparation. Students are supposed to participate in the annual doctoral symposium to present a progress report to the monitoring committee in a public session.

Part-time students take just a 50% workload, so for them the programme is twice as long as the full-time schedule.


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