• The Scientific Method:
    • How to Plan, Produce and Disseminate Verifiable Knowledge
    • Application Work on Scientific Paper Preparation, presentation and review
  • Research Topics
    • Visits to Research Units
    • Invited Talks


The Seminar for MAP-I 2021/2022 edition will integrate 5 different types of activities:

  1. Visits to Research Units
  2. Talks/lectures, covering: Scientific Method, Scientific Writing, and Recent Research in relevant fields for the PhD Program
  3. Preparation of Scientific Paper Preparation
  4. Review of paper(s)
  5. Scientific paper presentation

Activities 1 and 5 will be presential. 

Activity 2 will adopt the videoconference format. 


Calendar (in progress)

Day Start Hour Event   Observations
17 nov 14:15

Start Session


António Teixeira (MAP-i 2021/2022 Director) Zoom meeting
17 nov 15:30 Talk Nuno Lau (IEETA, DETI, UA) Zoom meeting
24 nov 14:15 Talks by MAP-i alumni João Freitas (Defined.AI) [slides], Mário Antunes (IT) [slides], Ana Rocha (IEETA) [slides] Zoom meeting

3 dec


15:00 Lecture about Systematic Reviews and Review Papers

Ana Isabel Martins (U. Aveiro)


Zoom meeting
15 dec 14:15 Lecture about Scientific Method João Carvalho (U. Minho) Zoom meeting
5 jan 2022   NO ACTIVITY   More time for the paper
12 jan 2021 14:30 Virtual Visits to U. Minho Research Units (Algoritmi and HasLab)

Paulo Carvalho (U Minho)

[slides HASLab]

Zoom meeting 
19 jan 2022 14:30 Visit to U. Porto (FCUP and FEUP) 

Gabriel David (FEUP)

Ricardo Rocha (FCUL)

Zoom meeting
26 jan 2022   NO ACTIVITY    More time for the paper
23 feb 2022   Presentation   * CANCELED *



Type of activity

Percentage in final grade


Visits to Research Units

+ 1 page report for each visit


Divided by the number of visits

Only if the student visits and reports at least 3 units and at least 1 outside Aveiro
Scientific paper 40% Evaluated in a 0 to 20 scale
Paper revision 15% Evaluated in a 0 to 20 scale
Presentation 10% Evaluated in a 0 to 5 scale
Presence in Talks 15%

Only if present in more than 60 % of the individual talks


Submission of Visit Reports

  • By email to ajst at   (MAP-i 2021-2022 Director)
    • Subject:  [MAP-i Seminar Visit]   
  • Deadline:  EOD first Monday after the visit


Review Paper

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