MAP-i Symposium 2019 - PROGRAM (September 12 at the University of Minho)

The 2019 MAP-i Symposium program (check updated versions here) includes the public discussion of 6 thesis proposals and the presentation of more than 30 progress reports.

There is also an welcome session to the new students with the presentation of the courses offered for the edition of 2019/2020, where the students are expected to choose the optional courses.

The culminating point of the Symposium will be the Opening Session of the new year, with representatives from the three MAP universities and the host institution, and an invited talk, by Prof. Beatriz Sousa Santos (University of Aveiro).  Details are given below.

Each MAP-i student and professor is specially invited to attend this session.

Student presentations in Progress Report Sessions are limited to 10 minutes.

Please check these maps of Level 0 and Level 1  for orientation at Department of Informatics of University of Minho (Campus de Gualtar, Braga). The Opening Session will take place at the Amphitheater A2.


Virtual Reality at IEETA - Using a Human-centered Approach

Interactive computing systems are becoming ever more complex and have literally invaded the lives of most of us, and thus using a human-centered approach to their development is not an option. Virtual Reality systems are a particularly difficult kind as they may easily jeopardize the health and security of users if not properly designed. In this talk an introduction to the topic is made focusing on issues essential to the success of these systems. Examples of recent work conducted at IEETA will be given.




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