MAP-i Symposium 2017 on September 14/15th

The annual MAP-i Symposium constitutes an opportunity to better know the research of each student. This year edition will take place at FEUP, on September 14th afternoon and on the 15th. The program (new version) includes the public discussion of 15 thesis proposals and the presentation of 41 progress reports. There is also an welcome session to the new students with the presentation of the courses offered for the edition of 2017/2018.

The culminating point of the Symposium will the Opening Session of the new year, with representatives from the three MAP universities and of FEUP as the host institution, and an invited talk. Each MAP-i student and professor is specially invited to attend this session.

The FEUP map indicates in red the area where most of the Symposium rooms lie, on the ground floor of the classes building B. The parking for visitors is P2, accessible through the gate to the right of the entrance check point.

FEUP map

Coffee break on Thursday is in the room (I-105) marked with a W.

Coffee break on Friday morning is in the Lounge, marked with a X.

Room B016 lies to the right of the X. The other rooms are in the red zone, expanded below.

Building B0


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