Academic calendar

Academic Calendar 2015/2016

Lectures and breaks

1st Semester: 28/09/2015 – 26/01/2016

            The 1st Semester is divided in two blocks of 8 lecturing weeks. Each Curricular Unit will run along one of these blocks with 4 lecturing hours per week.

1st Block: 28/09/2015 - 13/11/2015

1st Block Exams: 16/11/2015 - 27/11/2015  

2nd Block: 30/11/2015 - 29/01/2016     

2nd Block Exams: 1/02/2016 - 6/02/2016  

Christmas break: 21/12/2015 - 01/01/2016


2nd Semester: 22/02/2016 - 09/06/2016

   Easter break: 21/03/2016 a 28/03/2016


Thesis Selection Procedure

·    01/02/2016: Thesis proposals published

·    19/02/2016: Student's selection and application

·    26/02/2016: Selection approval and nomination of tutoring team

February Pre-thesis assessment (for specific cases)

·    15/01/2016: Pre-thesis submission (strict deadline)

·    01-12/2/2016: Pre-thesis public discussion

MAP-i Doctoral Symposium (attendance is mandatory for all students)

·    27/07/2016: Progress Report submission - all but 1st year students (strict deadline)

·    27/07/2016: Pre-thesis submission - 1st year students (strict deadline)

·    September 2016: MAP-i Doctoral Symposium



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