7th MAP-i Doctoral Symposium at FCUP, 18-19 September 2014

The 7th edition of the MAP-i Doctoral Symposium takes place at the University of Porto, Science Faculty, on September 18/19th, 2014.

The program is still subject to minor changes. Please keep checking. It consists of four main parts: the opening session for the 2014/2015 MAP-i edition, the pre-theses discussions, the progress reports presentations, and an invited lecture. All the sessions are public and anyone interested is invited to be present.

The plenary sessions take place in the Department of Computer Science and are the following:

Opening session for the 2014/2015 edition

Friday 19th 11:30/11:45 Changed!

  • Department directors
  • MAP-i Scientific Committee
  • New students for the 2014/2015 edition
  • Students of the previous editions
  • Supervisors, teachers, external advisors.

Invited lecture

Friday 19th 11:45/12:45
QuickCheck: A Secret Weapon for Testing Programs by Pedro Vasconcelos, DCC-FCUP.

The parallel sessions have three main purposes.

Pre-theses discussions


  • Student presenting the pre-thesis
  • Advisory Group: supervisors, external advisor, scientific committee representative
  • Other students.

Approval in the pre-thesis is required to start the thesis work.
Each session is chaired by the Scientific Committee representative and starts with until 20 min for the student presentation, followed by until 30 min of discussion with the Advisory Group, and ending with until 10 min for deliberation of the grade (0-20) of the pre-thesis.

Progress reports presentations


  • Students presenting the progress reports
  • Supervisors, scientific committee representative
  • Other students.

The yearly progress report is required for the student to be able to register for the next year, subject to a positive assessment by the Advisory Group. This assessment may be orally stated by the supervisor in the progress report session or otherwise be sent in written form.
Each session is chaired by the Scientific Committee representative and is composed by 15 min (max) presentations by each of the three or four students in the session, followed by a short discussion.


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