Grant opportunities

MAP-i Grants for Foreign Students

Three grants for foreign students are provided by the three MAP Universities, to attract exceptionally gifted students from abroad.
Each grant consists of a stipend for accommodation and living expenses (980 euro per month, 12 months). Course fees are not covered and must be paid in full.
Grants are, in principle, one year in length.
These grants cannot be accumulated with other grants. The rules applicable are similar to those defined by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

According to the rules (in Portuguese), the grant panel is the Scientific Committee of MAP-i.

Other research grants / Scholarships

There are a number of possibilities of grants for candidates to apply for (you are encouraged to try multiple opportunities):

  • Research grants

Some of the offers are grants within research projects, which usually imply a part time contribution to the project (the enrollment in MAP-i may accordingly be as a part-time student, if desired).
The following list contains the title, reference and contact of some grant opportunities offered to MAP-i students in the context of current research projects. In general, each of these grants may fund the first year of studies. Depending on the candidate performance, they may be extended or other possibilities may be proposed to support full PhD studies in subsequent years.

For further information and application to one of these grants you should contact directly, by email, the contact person listed. Please mention your status as a MAP-i student and provide complete information on your CV, motivation and research interests.

Please note that the Scientific Committee of MAP-i is not responsible, either directly or indirectly, by these proposals and will not interfere in the candidate selection process. It is up to each student to take the initiative of addressing the project proponents.

(Offers will be added as soon as they become known.)

1- Title: IEETA grants (2)
Subject: one of the research areas of IEETA
Contact person: Prof. Armando Pinho
Email: ap [at] ua [dot] pt
2- Title: INESC-Porto grant
Subject: one of the research areas of INESC Porto
Contact person: Margarida Gonçalves
3- Title: Grants from the Institute of Telecommunications
Subject: one of the research areas of IT-Aveiro
Contact person: Jonathan Rodriguez


Every year, FCT announces open calls for candidates to regular PhD grants (referenced as BDs). Only Portuguese citizens or 5 year residents in Portugal are usually eligible.

MAP-i is one of the PhD programs included in the CMU-Portugal initiative. Students from MAP-i with CMU-Portugal grants will be co-advised by faculty at CMU and at MAP-i, will spend 2 years at CMU and 2 years at one of the MAP Universities, and will be entitled to dual PhD degrees from CMU and MAP universities.

In this case you are advised to apply directly at CMU (ECE and CS Departments) and indicate in your statement of purpose your intention to be also connected with MAP-i. You only need one application for both CMU and MAP-i.

Alternatively, you can apply now to MAP-i and separately apply in September to CMU. If you are accepted by MAP-i you can start the program and if you also get accepted at CMU, all the credits that you have done for CMU accredited courses will be valid at CMU also. In this case you would go to CMU in the Spring semester.

Calls open from late September til mid December:
Computer Science / Electrical and Computer Eng.


  • UT Austin - Portugal PhD grants

Within the framework of the UT Austin|Portugal Program (CoLab), funded students can enroll in MAP-i doctoral program to accomplish their PhD in Computer Science with a specialization in Advanced Computing.

Enrolled students with a scholarship from CoLab follow the academic plan defined for MAP-i, but their research themes must be related with the area of Advanced Computing, as specified in the official announcement for scholarships. The proposals are proposed by MAP-i faculty and include a co-adviser from UTAustin.

The students will spend at least one year at UTAustin, preferably their second year. Transition to the second year is dependant on succeeding on the curricular courses. While at UTAustin, students can attend courses that might be relevant for their research work, or enter an industrial internship if that is considered important for their research work.


  • FCT industrial partnership grants (BDE)

This possibility is open permanently. It is possible to apply directly to FCT for a PhD research grant involving an industrial partner. You will need a supervisor from MAP-i, a company interested in supporting you, and a research project that is of interest to all parties and suitable for a PhD.

Please visit the FCT and ADI website for more info on this.


  • IPAD (Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento) grants for PALOP citizens

IPAD offers scholarship grants for PALOP's and East Timor citizens applying to PhD programs, which includes MAP-i. More information can be found on IPAD's web site.


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