Courses offered in 2014/15

1st semester

  • Theory and Foundations: (5 credits, choose one)
    • ACMSD - Algebraic and Coalgebraic Models in Software Development
    • CIS - Cryptography and Information Security
    • DC - Distributed Computing
  • Computing Paradigms: (5 credits, choose one)
    • ABI - Adaptive Business Intelligence
    • KDD - Knowledge Discovery from Data Bases
  • Technologies: (5 credits, choose one)
    • AMMS - Advanced Methods of Modelling and Simulation
    • CV - Computer Vision
    • ICS - Interactive Computing Systems
  • Thematic option (5 credits)
    • Choose one from all the above.
  • Seminar (10 credits)

2nd semester

  • Thematic seminar (5 credits)
  • Free option (5 credits)
    • Choose a course adequate to your research topic or choose Supervised Study(*).
  • External option (5 credits)
    • Choose one course from a PhD program in a different area or choose Scientific Activities(*).
  • Thesis planning (15 credits)

(*) Contents defined by supervisor


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