Thesis Proposals

2014-10-03 11:11:00
1Virtual Reality in Data Visualization: Interaction methods and devices Paulo Dias, Beatriz Sousa SantosIEETA (Aveiro)
2Domain-specific Program Verification Infrastructures José Bacelar Almeida, Jorge Sousa PintoCCTC (Minho)
3Methods and Techniques to Analyze (source, intermediate, or target) Code, to extract and handle Application Component Pedro Rangel Henriques, Jorge Sousa PintoCCTC (Minho)
4Realtime Interactive High Quality Graphics António Ramires FernandesCCTC (Minho)
5Architectures for integration of hybrid simulation tools for wireless networks Atílio Gameiro, Ramiro RoblesDETI, Univ. Aveiro, IT-Polo de Aveiro
6Machine Learning Architectures and Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks Atílio Gameiro, Paulo MarquesDETI, Univ. Aveiro, IT-Polo de Aveiro
7Robust Distributed Data Aggregation Carlos Baquero, Paulo Sérgio AlmeidaCCTC (Minho)
8Inception of Software Validation and Verification Practices within CMMI Level 2: An IEEE/ISO 29119 Roadmap Ricardo J. MachadoAlgoritmi (Minho)
9Multi-staged Domain Specific Modeling for Software Product Lines: An Insurance Ontology Analysis Ricardo J. MachadoAlgoritmi (Minho)
10Markerless facial motion capture using low cost hardware Verónica Orvalho ans Miguel CoimbraIT-Porto (Porto)
11Learning and Planning for Exception Handling in Robotics Luís Seabra LopesIEETA (Aveiro)
12Flexible, scalable and robust integration in large real-time safety critical systems Luis Almeida (UA), Rui Cordeiro (CSW), Julian Porenza (Univ Balearic Islands, Spain)IEETA (Aveiro)
13Real-time services in Wireless Mesh Networks Susana SargentoIT (Aveiro)
14Real-time multicast/broadcast communications over heterogeneous networks Susana SargentoIT (Aveiro)
15New network architectures Susana SargentoIT (Aveiro)
16On Applying Tabling to Answer Set Programming Ricardo RochaFCUP (Porto)
17XML based programming environments José Paulo LealCRACS (Porto)
18Widening the scope of application of the Spiral parallel code generation system José N. Oliveira (CCTC), Markus Puschel (ESE, CMU)CCTC (Minho)
19Semantic Digital Libraries Álvaro Reis FigueiraCRACS (Porto)
20Evolving complex networks for population topologies in evolutionary computation Rui MendesCCTC (Minho)
21Modeling of Control Mechanisms in Flight Stability and Locomotion (with Recurrent Neural Networks and Embodied Agents) J. SimãoFCUP (Porto)
22Control of Visual Attention and Posture in Quadrupeds with Recurrent Neural Networks --- Simulation with Embodied Agents and Implementation in the AIBO robot J. SimãoFCUP (Porto)
23Architectures for Split Execution of Copyright-Protected Applications André ZúqueteIEETA (Aveiro)
24Architectures for Sharing Internet Accesses André ZúqueteIEETA (Aveiro)
25Performance analysis of swarm intelligent algorithms on the traveling salesman problem supervisors Ana Maria Alves Coutinho da Rocha, Edite Manuela Graça Pinto FernandesAlgoritmi (Minho)
26Cryptographic Protocol Security Analysis Based on Algorithmic Information Theory Luís Filipe Antunes, Armando B. MatosFCUP (Porto)
27Interplay between Information-Theoretic and Computational Security in Wireless Channels Manuel Barbosa, João BarrosCCTC (Minho) and IT-Porto (Porto)
28Language Based Security For Cryptographic Software Manuel Bernardo Barbosa, Manuel Alcino CunhaCCTC (Minho)
29Cosmetic Evaluation of Breast Intervention Jaime S. Cardoso, M. J. CardosoINESC (Porto)
30Networking mechanisms for new networks Rui L. AguiarIT (Aveiro)
31Identity-aware mobility architectures Rui L. AguiarIT (Aveiro)
32Network benchmarking Rui L. AguiarIT (Aveiro)
33Electronic Health Records for Mobile Citizens José Luis Oliveira, Rui P. LopesIEETA (Aveiro)
34Time Series analysis in Telecommunication Data Paulo AzevedoCCTC (Minho)
35Parallel computing in semi-infinite programming Ana Isabel Pinheiro Nunes Pereira, Edite Manuela G.P. FernandesAlgoritmi (Minho)
36Relational Databases Digital Preservation José Carlos RamalhoCCTC (Minho)
37Evolutionary Computation based Internet Routing as a platform to Traffic Engineering Miguel P. Rocha, Pedro N. SousaCCTC (Minho)
38Development of methods for in silico optimization of metabolic networks Miguel P. Rocha, Isabel P. RochaCCTC (Minho) and CEB-IBB (Minho)
39Mobile code security based on Kleene algebras and temporal logics Nelma Moreira and Simão SousaLIACC (Porto)
40Decision-Making Software System for Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Isabel Alexandra C.P. Espírito Santo, Edite Manuela G.P. FernandesAlgoritmi (Minho)
41Digital Footprints for Situated Systems Rui JoséAlgoritmi (Minho)
42Spam Telescope Miner: worldwide unsolicited email detection using data mining techniques Paulo CortezAlgoritmi (Minho)
43Civil Protection applications in a Grid supported environment António PinaCCTC (Minho)
44Large-Scale Decentralized Object Store Rui OliveiraCCTC (Minho)
45Self-Managing Service Platform José Orlando PereiraCCTC (Minho)
46Probabilistically-Structured Overlay Networks José Orlando PereiraCCTC (Minho)
47Persistent and Replicated Software Transactional Memory António SousaCCTC (Minho)
48Fault Tolerant Service Integration José Orlando PereiraCCTC (Minho)
49Property verification patterns for automated production systems José Creissac Campos, José MachadoCCTC (Minho) and DEM/CT2M (Minho)
50Data Warehouses in the Path from Databases to Archives Gabriel David, Cristina RibeiroINESC (Porto)
51Computational tools for semi-infinite programming A. Ismael VazAlgoritmi (Minho)
52Time, the Fourth Dimension António Ramires Fernandes, José Nuno OliveiraCCTC (Minho)
53Text Mining System for Predicting Market Response to News José João Almeida, Luis TorgoCCTC (Minho) LIAC (Porto)
54A Common Monitoring System for Network and Application Services in the Internet Bruno DiasCCTC (Minho)
55A Common Configuration Language for Network and Application Services in the Internet Bruno DiasCCTC (Minho)
56A Common Database Replication and Backup System for Network and Application Services in the Internet Bruno DiasCCTC (Minho)
57Association Mining in a Grid Environment Orlando BeloCCTC (Minho)
58Low-Cost Data Warehousing Using Data Grid Technologies Orlando BeloCCTC (Minho)
59Coordination and cooperation among robots based on biological concepts Cristina Manuela Peixoto dos Santos and Auke IjspeertAlgoritmi (Minho)
60Flexible Quadruped Locomotion in Irregular Terrain: a Biological Approach Cristina Manuela Peixoto dos Santos and Auke IjspeertAlgoritmi (Minho)
61Cooperative control of heterogeneous autonomous vehicles Fernando Manuel Ferreira Lobo Pereira and João Tasso de Figueiredo Borges de SousaISR FEUP (Porto)
62Augmented/Virtual Reality applied to the control and supervision of heterogeneous robotic vehicles in cooperative missions Fernando Manuel Ferreira Lobo Pereira and Dirk Berndt and Gil Manuel GonçalvesISR FEUP (Porto)
63Rehabilitation Robot: a Biological Approach Cristina Manuela Peixoto dos Santos and Auke IjspeertAlgoritmi (Minho)
64Parallel Programming by Transforming "sequential like" Codes J. L. SobralCCTC (Minho)
65Develop Portable Applications for Multiple Target Architectures using Skeletons António Esteves and J. L. SobralCCTC (Minho)
66Multimodal Affect Sensing in Human-Computer Interaction Pedro BrancoAlgoritmi (Minho)
67Network Coding Protocols for Peer-to-Peer Networks João Barros and Rui PriorIT-Porto (Porto)
68Robust Programming for Large-Scale Sensor Networks João Barros and Luis LopesIT-Porto (Porto)
69Automatic event detection for endoscopic capsule exams Miguel Coimbra and João CunhaIT-Porto (Porto)