2014-10-02 13:23:31
1Human detection and identification for Human-Robot interactionAntónio J. R. Neves / Paulo DiasIEETA 
2Development of robotic vision systems using special camerasAntónio J. R. Neves / Paulo DiasIEETA 
3High Level Sports Analysis Armando Jorge Sousa / Luís Paulo ReisINESC TEC / LIACC 
4Semantic Web of Things Orchestration Diogo GomesIT Aveiro 
5EEG Source Reconstruction for Brain-Computer InterfacesFilipe Silva / Pétia GeorgievaIEETA 
6Multisensory Integration for Balance Control in HumanoidsFilipe Silva / Vítor SantosIEETA 
7Humanoid Robot Locomotion Using Haptic and LearningFilipe Silva / Vítor SantosIEETA 
8Visual Feedback to Assist Humanoid BalanceVítor Santos / Filipe SilvaIEETA 
9Smartphone sensor fusion, etc.Dirk EliasFraunhofer Institute 
10An integrated system for Parkinson’s disease patient management and follow upJosé Fernandes / João Paulo CunhaIEETA 
11Computational prediction of Inter-­Species Protein-­Protein Interactions Joel Arrais / José Luís OliveiraIEETA 
12Distributed and Interactive Solutions for Ubiquitous TelemedicineCarlos Costa / José Luís OliveiraIEETA 
13Conceptualization of plan-based activities for intelligent service robots Luís Seabra Lopes / Armando PinhoIEETA 
14Conceptualization of objects and scenes based on RGB-D information for intelligent robotsLuís Seabra Lopes / Ana Maria ToméIEETA 
15High Level Navigation in Indoor Environments Nuno Lau / Artur PereiraIEETA 
16Development of a support system for workflow design for data mining problems that exploits metalearning Pavel BrazdilLIAAD 
17Creating a personalized alert system focusing on novel topics with the help of web/text mining and data stream techniques Pavel Brazdil / João GamaLIAAD 
18Average-case representational and operational complexity of regular languages Rogério Reis / Nelma MoreiraCMUP 
19Spreadsheets Comprehension and DebuggingRui MaranhãoHASLab 
20Smart energy box Salviano Soares / José BaptistaIEETA / INESC Porto 
21Summarization of Changes in Text CollectionsSérgio Nunes / Cristina RibeiroINESC TEC 
22Fuzzy detection of events in a BAN using multi-parameter evaluationPedro BrandãoIT Porto 
23Realizing Information-Centric Networks inspired by Software Defined NetworksRui AguiarIT Aveiro