List of Candidates to the MAP-i / FCT PhD scholarships

As announced in the program’s website and the Eracareers portal, the MAP-I doctoral programme’s Scientific Committee has launched a process for the selection of candidates, starting the programme in the academic year 2016/2017, to be awarded individual grants to support their studies, in the context of MAPi-i’s distinction as an FCT PhD programme.

Among the candidates who applied to the programme in the first phase, the following have applied for a grant:

  • Akilu Rilwan Muhammad
  • João Carlos Alves Cruz
  • João Miguel Maia Soares de Resende
  • Jorge Miguel Barros da Silva
  • José Luís da Silva Devezas
  • Liu Chong
  • Luís Miguel Alves Fernandes
  • Mariana Rafaela Figueiredo Ferreira de Oliveira
  • Nádia Sofia Moreira da Silva
  • Patrícia Raquel Vieira Sousa
  • Ricardo Jorge Terroso de Araújo
  • Ricardo Pereira de Magalhães Cruz
  • Sílvia da Conceição Neto Bessa
  • Vítor Manuel Araújo Cerqueira
  • Yang Li

As announced, the applications will now be evaluated by a jury, appointed by the MAP-i Scientific Committee, that will produce an ordered list of candidates. The results of the evaluation will be announced in mid September by email addressed to the applicants, and made public in the MAP-i website.

An additional set of grants will be available, to be funded by a different institution. The scientific committee will soon announce more details on the corresponding call for applications, to be launched later this year.

Porto, 25th July 2016

MAP-i Scientific Committee

Note: The list of candidates was updated on the 16th August 2016 with two more candidates that had submitted their applications on time but only now were clarified by the post-graduation office.


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