Thesis Proposals

2014-10-03 11:01:21

MAP-i faculty have the opportunity to submit proposals starting from the beginning of July until the end of September 2008, the start of the academic year. The proposals will be displayed as soon as they are received.

Theses Proposals (list still uncomplete)

1On Applying Tabling to Answer Set Programming Ricardo RochaCRACS & INESC-Porto (FCUP)
2The Meshotron: a co-processor for 3D Digital-Waveguide Mesh modelling Guilherme Campos & Iouliia SkliarovaIEETA (U. Aveiro)
3Multi-Threaded Tabling for Logic Programming Ricardo RochaCRACS & INESC-Porto (FCUP)
4On Semantically Indexing Digital Documents through an Automatic and Social Classification System Álvaro Reis FigueiraCRACS & INESC-Porto (FCUP)
5Dynamic Scheduler for Heterogeneous Clusters in a Multi-User Environment Jorge BarbosaLIACC (FEUP)
6Development of a good cost-effective strategy for conducting experiments/tests while exploting previous knowledge using meta-knowledge Pavel BrazdilLIAAD & INESC-Porto (FEP)
7Development of a strategy for constructing complex solutions by exploiting planning and the usage of machine learning techniques for the resolution of subproblems Pavel BrazdilLIAAD & INESC-Porto (FEP)
8Internet forecasting using data mining techniques Paulo Cortez & Miguel RioBIG/ALGORITMI (U.Minho)
9Virtual Reality in Data Visualization: Interaction methods and devices Paulo Dias & Beatriz Sousa SantosIEETA (U. Aveiro)
10Brain-Computer Interface for Navigating in Virtual Environments Filipe Silva & Paulo DiasIEETA (U. Aveiro)
11Automated verification of security protocols Rogério Reis & Nelma MoreiraLIACC (FCUP)
12Network management in the Future Internet Susana SargentoIT- Aveiro
13Routing and Mobility in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Susana SargentoIT- Aveiro
143D Wiki for Virtual Urban Environments A. Augusto Sousa & António CoelhoDEI-FEUP
15Geospatial Entertainment A. Augusto Sousa & António CoelhoDEI-FEUP
16Location Based Mobile Services for the Social Web A. Augusto Sousa & António CoelhoDEI-FEUP
17Multi-Level Learning and Opponent Modelling in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Luís Paulo ReisLIACC (FEUP)
18Presence in Simulated Social Environments Luís Paulo Reis & A. Augusto SousaLIACC (FEUP)
19IntellWheels – Multimedia Interface with an Intelligent Wheelchair Luís Paulo ReisLIACC (FEUP)
20Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems: Applications in Robotic Soccer Luís Paulo Reis & Nuno LauLIACC (FEUP)
21Urban Computing Applications Ricardo MorlaINESC-Porto (U.Porto)
22Interactive Global Illumination – Modeling, Quantifying and Exploiting Temporal Coherence Luís Paulo SantosCCTC (U.Minho)
23Interactive Global Illumination – Importance Sampling Luís Paulo SantosCCTC (U.Minho)
24Real Time High Fidelity Augmented Reality Luís Paulo SantosCCTC (U.Minho)
25Global Self Localization Using Partially Occluded Visual Landmarks Armando Jorge Sousa & Luís Paulo ReisISR-P (FEUP)
26Collaborative Generation of 3D Perceptions Maps Armando Jorge Sousa & Luís Paulo ReisISR-P (FEUP)
27Swarm Cleaning Armando Jorge Sousa & Luís Paulo ReisISR-P (FEUP)
28WIIMOVE – Gesture Based Interaction with Robotic Teams Armando Jorge Sousa & Luís Paulo ReisISR-P (FEUP)
29Distributed Intelligent Sensor Fusion Armando Jorge SousaISR-P (FEUP)
30Airborne Laser Scanning: Efficient data processing and information extraction Luís Gonçalves-Seco & Michel FerreiraLIACC (FCUP)
31Relational Databases Digital PreservationJosé Carlos RamalhoCCTC (U.Minho)