2014-09-15 01:31:57

You will find below the thesis proposals for the 2013/2014 edition. Please communicate your choices to the program director Prof. Luís Barbosa no later than February, 8th.

1An assessment of heterogeneous computing platforms to efficiently process ATLAS events Alberto Proença (UM) + Antonio Onofre (UM)Algoritmi
2GUI testingAna Paiva (UP) + Atif Memon (Umaryland)FEUP
3Development of robotic vision systems using special camerasAntonio Neves (UA) + Paulo Dias (UA)IEETA
4Human detection and identification for Human-Robot interaction Antonio Neves (UA) + Paulo Dias (UA)IEETA
5Compression of genomic data Armando Pinho (UA)IEETA
6DNA sequence analysis with information profilesArmando Pinho (UA) + Paulo Ferreira (UA)IEETA
7Inter-Symbolic Distance Analysis in Genomic Signals Carlos Bastos (UA) + Vera Afreixo (UA)IEETA
8Metrics and dualities for weighted transition systemsDirk Hofmann (UA) + Jose N. Oliveira (UM)CDIMA
9Towards Intelligent Clinical Decision Support Systems Inês Dutra (UP)CRACS
10Test Automation for Concurrent, Distributed and Real-Time Systems based on UML Interaction Diagrams João Pascoal Faria (UP)INESC
11NeuronDyn: Live dynamics characterization in vivo neurons Joa?o Paulo Cunha (UP) + Paula Sampaio (IBMC)INESC
12Energy-Aware for Database Descriptions and Manipulation João Saraiva (UM) + Orlando Belo (UM)HASLab
13Software Verification and Defect Analysis Jorge Sousa Pinto (UM)HASLab
14Reliability Analysis of Safety Critical Interactive Computing Systems José Creissac Campos (UM)HASLab
15Development and Evaluation of Hybrid Virtual Learning EnvironmentsJosé Creissac Campos (UM)HASLab
16Virtual factory for smart city service integration Luis Barbosa (UM) + Elsa Estevez (UNU)HASLab
17Privacy-aware social networks: models, taxonomies and logicsLuis Barbosa (UM)HASLab
18Secure Multiparty Computation Manuel Bernardo Barbosa (UM)HASLab
19Logics and calculi for cyberphysical components Manuel A. Martins (UA) + Luis Barbosa (UM)HASLab
20Replication of IEC 61499 Applications Mário Sousa (UP)INESC
21HeartSafe – Assessing Heart Function for Unsupervised Homecare applications through Multi-Channel Auscultation Miguel Coimbra (UP)IT
22Evaluation and Development of Algorithms and Computational Tools for Metabolic Pathway OptimizationMiguel Rocha (UM) + Isabel Rocha (UM)CEB
23Efficient Multi-Objective Data Mining Optimization Paulo Cortez (UM)Algoritmi
24Creating a personalized alert system focusing on novel topics with the help of web/text mining and data stream techniques Pavel Bradzil (UP) + João Gama (UP)LIAAD
25Development of a support system for workflow design for data mining problems that exploits metalearning Pavel Bradzil (UP)LIAAD
26Inductive Logic Programming for Big Data Rui Camacho (UP) + Victor Costa (UM)LIAAD
27Computer Communications and Pervasive MediaRui José (UM)Algoritmi
28Information Retrieval in Collaborative Environments Sérgio Nunes (UP)INESC
29Combining Private and Public Features for Information Access Sérgio Nunes (UP)INESC
30Security Models for Complex PaaS Systems Victor Fonte (UM)HASLab
31Data Mining for Water Distribution Network ManagementLuís Torgo (UP)LIAAD